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*Note: Please keep magnets away from Pacemakers, Credit cards or any other devices that might harm or interfere with the operation of such devices e.g. CRT displays (computer monitor, TV screen), cell phones, VCR’s, I-pods, I.D. cards, video and similar appliances.

Type MMC-003 Metal Badge

Holder Comes with two seated and glued magnets on nickel steel plate and adhesive backed nickel-plated steel plate.

​ Dim. 1-3/4” x ½” x 1/8”

Type MMC-002 Black Plastic Badge

HolderComes with two magnets molded and adhesive backed nickel-plated steel plate.

Dim. 1-3/4” x 1/2” x 1/8” 

Type MMC-001 Black Plastic Badge

​Holder Comes with two incased magnets and adhesive backed Nickel-plated steel plate. 

​Dim. 1-3/4” x ½” x 1/8”

Magnetic name badge holders allow for display of nametags and identification tags eliminating clips, push pins and the like that more often cause some damage to the outerwear.  They are a great and fast way to attach and display identification tags for employees, visitors and vital personnel and could be used many times over.  They come in three different types:

magnetic badge holders