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Specializing in

micro magnetic engineering


product integration

innovative design

complex multi pole vectoring

R&D Integration

Our team makes your product development goals easier with our integrated magnetic solutions. 

Design and

What you want, when you need it, to your specifications.

Rapid manufacturing  & turnaround time

No job is too small or too large. Quality is our reputation.  

We know you need your magnet designed to exact specifications. Not all magnet companies are the same when it comes to quality. Let us show you the Magnaworks difference.

At Magnaworks Technology Inc. we take pride in our design and products for our clients. Personalized customer service to accommodate your business needs, allows us to rapidly pinpoint solutions with a quick turn around on your product request.

We're a family-owned and operated business – always have been, always will be. Our clients have been with us for years because they trust our integrity and know our commitment to delivering exceptional quality. We are proud to know that  our products are in the cars you see, the hospitals you visit, the planes you fly in, and the music generated. Our solutions for various  sectors grow with technology and shape the future.

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 Magnaworks technology


 Designing and Engineering  magnets for over 40 Years.

 Learn why Magnaworks has been the leader in  innovative magnet design for almost a half a  century.

 Magnaworks Technology specializes in  innovative magnet design to solve the  industries most complex problems.  

 At Magnaworks you will receive a more  personal experience in the development and  design process.

 We build lasting relationships. 

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Your request is your order, made for you, with the highest quality and rapid turn around time. We are not a reseller of shelve over stock from other companies. Our prices are at or below market value and are extremely competitive.  

 ISO 9000 quality standards compliant.